Disease Resistance

Barvette HGT shows excellent resistance to summer patch.

Stands Up To Traffic

In a 2010 study of 109 commercial varieties and experimentals, Barvette HGT was the top rated for wear recovery, percent ground covered and turf quality.

Early Green Up In Spring

Quick To Germinate & Establish

Germination typically takes place in less than 10 days which helps it outcompete with weeds and renovate fairways more quickly.

Images above come from the Barenbrug website.

If you are having difficulty maintaining a beautiful lawn or athletic field in or near the greater St. Louis metro area, Heartland Turf Farms has you covered! We provide installation and servicing of Turf Blue HGT Bluegrass Sod in St. Louis Missouri to a wide variety of homes, businesses, and athletic fields throughout the area. Our HGT Bluegrass Sod is well-known for its quality in holding up to the extreme climatic conditions so typical of the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Heartland Turf Farms has been growing and maintaining Bluegrass Sod for over 50 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing you with quality installation and maintenance services. If your residence, business or athletic facility would be a perfect fit for our Bluegrass Sod in St. Louis Missouri, please contact us today to inquire about how we can assist your needs.Bluegrass Sod in St. Louis, Missouri

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod has been a traditional turfgrass for cool-season lawns since our family began growing sod in the 1960s. It has medium-to-fine, soft grass blades and a deep blue-green color. Our HGT Bluegrass Sod is a product of Barenburg USA.  It was produced through years of testing under rigorous conditions and proved to perform at or near the highest for Bluegrass traits including tolerance to traffic, early spring green up, resistance to summer patch, rust, billbugs, and grubs, strong tensile strength, and quick germination and establishment.

HGT Bluegrass Highlights:

  • Early to green up in the spring (Oklahoma State University, 2010)
  • The most resistant Bluegrass to summer patch and rust (NTEP, 2010)
  • Most resilient to damage caused by traffic and fastest to recover (NTEP, 2010)
  • The most resistant Bluegrass to damage caused by white grubs in a 2010 trial (University of Tennessee)

Recommended Uses of HGT Bluegrass Sod:

Residential/Commercial Lawns Makes a beautiful turf when it is well-maintained. An underground sprinkler system is recommended

Athletic Fields Best for high-performance athletic fields, especially soccer pitches, field hockey, and baseball infields. It provides consistent ball roll and a good cushion.

Parks/Institutions Grows well in sun and shade, plus has self-repairing capability to recover from foot-traffic

Golf Courses Can be used for fairways, tees, roughs, or green surrounds.

Types of HGT Bluegrass Sod Cut:

  • Pallet: Easy to handle slabs, 6 square feet per slab, perfect for do-it-yourself installation. 90 slabs per pallet = 540 square feet
  • Big Roll: A continuous roll that can be installed with a tractor or skid-loader, with less labor. Good for large installation projects with limited obstacles. Big roll is 42 wide, split down the middle for two 21 strips. Standard size roll covers 360 square feet, but can be cut to shorter lengths upon request.