Economical Warm Season Grass Establishment

Although sodding is the quickest method of grass establishment, we offer this lower-cost, economical way to establish warm-season grasses on your golf course or athletic field. Our experience and attention to detail guarantees that you will get the results you want. We are involved throughout the entire process, from preparation to grow-in. Sprigging on bare soil/new construction allows for rapid establishment and quick use. We can also sprig into existing cool-season fairways or athletic fields to provide renovation with very limited loss of play.We understand the value of your playtime and want to ensure quick recovery. Call today for more information or a free consultation for your course or athletic field.Please visit the following pages to learn more:

Golf Course information page

Sports Turf information page

Fields sprigged in June are ready for fall play. Grow-in time is 60-80 days.