Cutting Sod

  • Heartland Turf-Type Tall Fescue any time of the year so long as the ground is not too wet, frozen, or covered with heavy AM frost.
  • Turf Blue HGT Bluegrass has limited availability during the growing season. Call our office at 618.281.873 for details.
  • Meyer Zoysia is typically available only between May and September. Call our office for details.
  • Iron Cutter Bermuda is typically available only between June and September. Call our office for details.


When calling to order sod, first measure your area to get an accurate square footage. If you have an irregular shaped yard, try dividing it up into rectangles, triangles, or circles. Use the following formulas to get the area of each section, then add them together for the total square footage.

  • Square and Rectangle: Length (L) x Width (W) = Area
  • Triangle: Treat it like of a rectangle: L x W divided by 2 = Area
  • Circle: 3.14 x (radius) x (radius) = Area

Our sod is priced by the square foot. If you measured in square yards, take that number times 9 to get square feet. Ex: 100 square yards x 9 = 900 square feet.

Google Earth has tools available for measuring your yard right from your chair! See the brief tutorial here.


Sod Pickups & Delivery

If you are picking up sod at our farm, you are responsible for having a vehicle capable of hauling the sod. Full pallets of sod generally weigh between 2,000 pounds and 2,500 pounds each, but may be heavier depending on moisture and sod type. A full size pickup truck will usually haul one pallet at a time.

Please advise our forklift operator on how you would like your vehicle to be loaded, and inspect your vehicle for proper load placement before leaving the farm. You are responsible for your own load.

You should secure all pallets of sod with tarps, ratchet straps, etc., to keep sod secure and on your vehicle.

If you have a pickup truck with a corrugated, or ribbed, plastic bed liner, we recommend laying down a piece of plywood first to avoid damage.

Minimum order size for delivery is 3 pallets for cool-season grasses (Fescue and HGT Bluegrass) and 4 pallets for warm-season grasses (Zoysia and Bermuda).


To place an order just call our office at 618-281-TURF (8873). From your measurements, we will figure out how many pallets or big-rolls you need, and explain your pickup and delivery options.

All sod is cut fresh-to-order, and we need just 24 hours notice to have your sod ready for pickup.

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, feel free to call after hours and leave us a message. We will get back to you promptly the next day. We also often give out a secondary number for urgent calls.

We also offer pickups and deliveries on Saturday mornings. Please let us know by noon on Friday for Saturday sod orders.