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Heartland Turf FarmsHeartland Turf Farms represents over 50 years of providing quality Sod in St. Louis, Missouri and to the heart of the Southern Illinois midwest region. Formerly the Columbia Illinois location of Emerald View Turf Farms, Heartland Turf Farms is operated by Tom Keeven Sr. and his son, Tom Keeven Jr. As lifelong turf professionals, our goal is to continue our family tradition of being leaders in the turfgrass industry through superior sod production, excellent customer service, and turfgrass research.

Sod is one of the most environmentally responsible materials you can add to your home or commercial business. Healthy turfgrass controls erosion, decreases runoff, purifies air and groundwater, and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. It also reduces dust and noise, and adds an appealing visual element to urban or suburban settings.

We have years of experience in growing and maintaining Sod in St. Louis, Missouri in often extreme, variable weather patterns experienced throughout the midwest region. Heartland Turf Farms uses well-tested, proven techniques that allow for prosperous and healthy sod growth in all conditions.

If your home or business requires Sod or Turfgrass, please contact us today to inquire about ordering sod from Heartland Turf Farms. For additional questions or information, please visit our Ordering Sod page.

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