Heartland Fescue Sod in St. Louis Missouri

Heartland Fescue Sod – Sustainable Sod for St. Louis – Backed by Science

Using only premium, drought-tolerant turfgrass varieties approved by:


If you are looking for premium, quality Fescue Sod in St. Louis Missouri, you have come to the right place! Heartland Turf Farms has years of experience with the growing and installation of Heartland Fescue Sod and will work diligently to ensure you are completely satisfied with our service. Our Heartland Fescue sod is of the highest quality, made up of top-performing seed varieties approved by either the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) or A-List


As our flagship turfgrass, Heartland Fescue Sod is our top seller and the number one choice for St. Louis area lawns. Tall fescue naturally has a deep root system and hearty blades, making it the most adaptable cool-season grass under our local climate extremes. Heartland Turf-Type Tall Fescue Sod is a blend of three or four elite seed varieties, chosen for year-long green color, medium-to-fine texture, and resistance to summer diseases. It is well suited for residential and commercial lawns, parks, high-traffic athletic fields, and golf course roughs and green surrounds.

Fescue Sod in St. Louis, MissouriOur Heartland Fescue Sod in St. Louis Missouri contains 10% Kentucky bluegrass, which helps fill in bare spots to maintain a dense turf. We seed the fescue and bluegrass separately to ensure consistent coverage, and grow it under irrigation to bring the mixture to maturity. The result is a beautiful, uniform sod devoid of the clumpiness and inconsistency often found in lower quality fescue/bluegrass blends.




Heartland Fescue Sod Highlights:

  • Good drought tolerance, due to its deep root system. When compared to bluegrass, it can withstand longer time between waterings.
  • Grows well in sun or partial shade
  • Excellent dark green color. It is the first grass to green up in the spring, and holds its color well into late fall.
  • Good wear tolerance. Fescue plants are hardy under foot traffic. 10% Kentucky bluegrass
    adds self-repair capability.

Recommended Uses of Heartland Fescue Sod:Fescue Sod in St. Louis, Missouri

Residential/Commercial Lawns as stated above, it is our top seller for local lawns. We especially recommend it for lawns without underground sprinklers, or for lawns that receive high traffic from children or pets.

Athletic Fields Used widely for football fields, lower-to mid level baseball outfields, youth soccer, or any recreational sports fields. Because of its growth pattern, fescue is generally not recommended for upper-level soccer facilities, field hockey, and in some cases, baseball infields. However, under proper maintenance, we have seen Heartland Fescue perform well on high-school infields.

Parks/Institutions The most adaptable cool-season grass for a sprawling landscape or campus. It adapts to your sunny and shady areas, and will hold up moderately well to foot traffic.

Golf Courses In our area, turf-type tall fescue is rapidly replacing bluegrass as the grass of choice for roughs and green surrounds. Heartland Fescue tolerates a variety of mowing heights and is generally more disease resistant than bluegrass.

Types of Heartland Fescue Sod Cut:

  • Pallet: Easy to handle slabs, 6 square feet per slab, perfect for do-it-yourself installation. 90 slabs per pallet = 540 square feet
  • Big Roll: A continuous roll that can be installed with a tractor or skid-loader, with less labor. Good for large installation projects with limited obstacles. Big roll is 42 wide, split down the middle for two 21 strips. Standard size roll covers 360 square feet, but can be cut to shorter lengths upon request.