Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri

Sod Installation in St. Louis MissouriAlthough we are located in Columbia, Illinois, Heartland Turf Farms provides Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri as well as surrounding communities throughout the metro area. Our sod can be found on the top golf courses and athletic fields throughout St. Louis as well as on beautiful residential and commercial landscapes. Our reputation among turfgrass professionals is what sets us apart. So if you have a new construction project or an existing home or business that just needs a new lawn, please contact us today for more information about our Sod Installation services. You can trust that Heartland Turf Farms will help you do it right the first time.

In Sod Installation in St. Louis Missouriaddition to commercial or residential Sod Installation Services in St. Louis Missouri, we have years of experience installing our “big roll” for specialty golf and sports turf applications located throughout the metro area. Big rolls are the most efficient method of installation for large areas. It is less labor intense than slab installation and leaves fewer seams.

We have installed our sod on everything from professional sand-based sports fields to curving, undulating greens complexes. We offer efficient sod installation with attention to detail to meet the specific needs or your home, business, golf course or athletic field.

Instantly transform your landscape with premium quality sod installed from Heartland Turf Farms. With our professional sod installation services, you are ensured to receive the highest quality service at an affordable price:


  • Soil will be properly graded and fertilizedSod Installation
  • We will help you choose the proper grass type
  • Sod will be installed in a timely manner, with immediate watering to reduce stress
  • Precise edges and tight seams
  • Proper care instructions will be provided

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