Ironcutter Bermudagrass is a variety of sod produced from a ten year research collaboration between Dr. Charles Taliaferro, Johnson Seed Company, and MVP Genetics.

Establishes Quickly From Sprig Planting

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Top-Rated for Quality

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Excellent Drought Tolerance

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Enhanced Disease Resistance

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Ironcutter Bermuda Across the Year

The field shown was sprigged in August 2021.

Iron Cutter Bermuda is a winter-tolerant bermuda grass for the St. Louis area.  Iron Cutter is a rapidly spreading, early spring greenup bermudagrass, ideal for athletic fields and golf course fairways. Its near perfect density and consistency make it a premium surface for sports such as soccer, field hockey, and baseball, where ball roll is important.  It grows well at low mowing heights (1 – 1.5″) and recovers rapidly from traffic. Iron Cutter Bermuda is available as sod or sprigs.

  • Rated highest in quality in all of its growing zones–better than Tahoma 31, Tiftuf, Tifway, and Latitude 36 (2013 – 2017 NTEP Bermudagrass Data)
  • Under traffic, retained better density and tolerance to disease than any competitor variety (2013 – 2017 NTEP Bermudagrass Data)
  • Aggressive lateral growth provides quick recovery from wear
  • An excellent transition-zone bermuda. Medium-to-fine texture and density are good for overseeding with ryegrass to facilitate use in late fall and spring.
  • Excellent heat tolerance and good drought tolerance.
  • Grows best in full sun
  • Good cold-hardiness.  Quick to green up and establish in the spring.

Types of Bermuda Grass Cut:

  • Pallet: Easy to handle 20 x 40 slabs, perfect for do-it-yourself installation. 66 slabs per pallet = 360 square feet
  • Big Roll: A continuous roll that can be installed with a tractor or skid-loader, with less labor. Good for large installation projects with limited obstacles. Big roll is 42 wide, split down the middle for two 21 strips. Standard size roll covers 360 square feet, but can be cut to shorter lengths upon request.
  • Sprigs: Our sprigs are clean, healthy, and durable because they are dug out of the ground, not cut off the top. Each sprig contains the leaves, stolons, and roots of the plant. We dig them fresh, directly into your truck. Available for athletic fields and golf courses.