Quality Sod Production

Sod, like most products, can be made better – or made cheaper. We choose better. Decades of experience in this business have helped us identify the necessary practices for premium quality sod. Here are some examples:

Custom Blended Seed

  • We hand-pick our own turfgrass varieties. While it may be cheaper to grow a nationally-marketed seed blend, we rely on our own in-house research to find out which turfgrass varieties perform under the extremes of St. Louis weather.

Precise Production Practices

  • Nearly all of our turf is grown under irrigation for a consistent turf quality and cutting moisture.
  • We use conservative seeding rates to achieve stronger plants. High seeding rates often allow farms to move sod sooner, but result in weaker plants.
  • We utilize high-grade fertilizers, including organics, micronutrients, and bio-stimulants, to maximize plant health and rooting ability before harvesting.

Farm-Fresh Harvesting and Delivery

  • We harvest sod every day – morning and afternoon. All sod is cut-to-order, so you can be sure that your sod will be harvested as close as possible to your pickup or delivery time. All sod is harvested within 24 hours of sale, but usually less than 12 hours.

The Result?

When you purchase premium quality sod from Heartland Turf Farms, you will find:

  • Your turf is consistent in color, texture, and density.
  • The sod pieces have good tensile strength without being cut too thick. You can handle them, and even toss them, with minimal tearing.
  • Your sod is fresh and ready to grow as soon as it hits the ground.
  • Our office staff will keep in close contact with you for your scheduled pickup or delivery, making sure that your sod is as freshly cut as possible.
  • With proper care, the seams will disappear in a couple of weeks, giving you a mature, beautiful, lawn that is ready to use.