Heartland Turf Farms provides premium quality Sod in O’Fallon Illinois. Over the last 20 years, O’Fallon has substantially grown into a large thriving community that necessitates the need for well-managed sod growth and installation throughout many areas of the city. O’Fallon has become one of the largest cities in Southern Illinois and is located only a few minutes east of St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, the city is in very close proximity to Scott Air Force Base, making it an ideal location for the development of new homes and businesses that will eventually require the need for proper sod grass growth and installation.

If you are a resident of O’Fallon or nearby areas, please contact us today to inquire about Sod in O’Fallon Illinois. We are happy to provide service for either your home or business. We have provided sod services to numerous businesses and athletic fields in or near the O’Fallon, Illinois area for over 50 years and can take on any project, large or small.

The sod that Heartland Turf Farms produces is of the the highest quality and we are constantly refining our growing techniques to ensure that you are completely satisfied with both our installation services and our product. If you would like more information about the sod services that Heartland Turf Farms provides, please feel free to contact us today.