Our Mission

It is Heartland Turf Farms mission to employ our knowledge, traditions, and turfgrass research to produce premium quality turfgrass sod and provide professional, effective turf installation services in the heart of the Midwest. Furthermore, we aim to help educate consumers on the environmental benefits of turfgrass and promote the importance of natural turfgrass in our daily lives.



Our familys history in turfgrass sod began over 50 years ago, when Ed & Vivienne Keeven began a sod installation company out of Florissant, MO. In 1962, they moved the family to OFallon, MO and began growing turfgrass for the dedicated purpose of sod. At the time, this was a new concept that they pioneered in the St. Louis area, and their commitment to quality began early on with the planting of improved hybrid varieties of Kentucky bluegrass. Over the years, new grass types were added, always on the leading edge of new developments in turfgrass sod.


In 1984, three sons, Ed Jr., Tom, and Jim Keeven took over and adopted the name Emerald View Turf Farms. Over the next twenty five years they expanded to a total of three farms in two states, becoming one of the most successful and well-known sod farms in the Midwest.


Our Columbia, IL farm began operations in 1989 under the direction of Tom Keeven, focusing on serving the southern part of the St. Louis area and the Metro East. We also focused on growing specialty turfgrass varieties for the golf and sports turf markets. We have been heavily immersed in the golf and sports turf markets ever since, providing our sodding and sprigging services for top venues such as Busch Stadium, Rams Park, and Annbriar Golf Course, just to name a few.

Tom is a known leader in the turfgrass sod industry. He served several years on the board of directors for Turfgrass Producers International, including a term as president in 2001-02. Involvement at the international level is one of the things that helps keep us on the leading edge of turfgrass products and farm operations.


In 2011, we began operating as Heartland Turf Farms, beginning a new chapter in our history in the turfgrass industry. Tom Keeven Sr. and Tom Keeven Jr. share the duties of operating the farm and our specialty installation projects. We are firm believers in Ed Keeven Sr.’s mantra “Quality will sell itself”, and will continue to operate under this philosophy to remain leaders in quality turfgrass sod.